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Zenphone 10 boot loop with AT&T Sim

Swapping the sim over to slot two has stopped any boot looping for me.No idea if it's relevant, but I do have 2 sim cards from, one att, another from a different provider.

Add VOLTE support Telkomsel in Indonesia for Zenfone 10

The Zenfone 10 has been released officially in Indonesia for over 6 months now, and VOLTE support is still not added with Telkomsel, which supports it and even has 5G capabilities. Please coordinate with Telkomsel and add Zenfone 10 to the list of su...

litly by Star III
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Zenfone 10 Hearing Aids and Bluetooth

My hearing aids do not stay connected to my device and can not stream calls without first tuning Bluetooth off and on.also my vehicle hands free device has to be plugged in multiple times before it connects. I can live with the vehicle annoyance but ...

Disappointed with zenfone 10

1) I got it and upgraded it all the way to android 14 and frankly I expected much better battery life than this. Even on ultra durable, this is not doing any better than my old Galaxy S20+2) There is some bug preventing apps from updating data in the...

Audio is always played via 2 speakers at the same time

So I've just noticed that when I star any audio content, it's played via 2 speaker at the same time(for calls and the one at the bottom) and I can't make it use only the bottom one. Maybe I didn't notice, but it feels like on android 13 it wasn't lik...

Kartang by Star I
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Zenfone 10 wireless charging speed 2,5w !!

Zenfone 10 is supposed to support 15w wireless charging. I only get 2,5w so a full charge takes 4 hours... . Has anyone managed to get 10-15w? Which charger and adapter? I tried many, but no luck

Choppy video recorded by Zenfone 10 camera

A month ago I bought Zenfone 10 16 GB/512 GB and I noticed that video recorded by inbuilt camera isn't as smooth as it should be (for a 1000$ flagship phone). I had Zenfone 2 and Zenfone 5 for many years and hadn´t such problem like now with Zenfone ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Button with label "See in chat" does nothing in the messages app

 I want to be able to use the messages app without damages and without painful confusion but basic functionality is not there. For example, there is no simple way to go to the beginning, there is no simple way to export a chat and I can't even press ...

Screenshot (24 Mar 2024 9_05_18 am).jpg Screenshot (24 Mar 2024 9_04_34 am).jpg
ddac by Star I
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Resolved! Zenfone 10 not updating (FW .75)

Hello,my Zenfone 10 have old FW (build number WW-33.0220.0220.75).purchased directly on ASUS website. Update is impossible.Last security Update: August 5, 2023.Can you send me files for update this firmware, and finally allowing me go to Android 14.T...

What is the disadvantages of buying ZF 10 right now?

I was looking for a new phone, especially after using Realme 6 pro since 2020. And my eye was set on ZF10. Of course I was waiting for ZF11, but It seems like it would be very expensive and not good as 10 is. But why 2 year of upgrade is bad? And wha...

ashkya5 by Star I
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