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ZenBook Duo Blue Screen

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Dear Mates!

l had recently purchased ZenBook Duo laptop, recent past I am getting Blue screen error “STOP CODE : CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT” and the system began to hang. All these issues are happening in last 1 month. Anyone in this forum with same issues diagnosed recently?

looking forward to listen from fellow mates. TIA #CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT



Could you please tell me the full model name of the laptop you are using? 
Have you tried updating the system to the latest version?
Also, have you changed any hardware configuration recently? For example: upgrade memory or storage device.
Thank you.

**How to find Model Name

**[Notebook/Desktop/AIO] How to use Windows Update in OS system and how to update BIOS through Windows update 

Rising Star II

My model is UX8402ZE. I recently solved this problem (BSOD) caused by the Nvidia RTX TI 3050. The problem frequently occurred after I started working with Unreal Engine 5. The BSOD error informed that it was about "nvlddmkm.sys".  After searching for a solution from Unreal engine developers forum, I found that I needed to set the power management mode (Nvidia) to "Prefer maximum performance". Before finding this solution, I got lost in the settings of Tdr (by Regedit) recommended by unreal engine. 

So you should give the model information of your zenbook, the best is what software is used when you get the BSOD. You must be patient: windows will try to get some information from your BSOD. That's why your laptop got hang for a while. After collecting the information, windows will restart your laptop. It is not recommended to do a hard restart (long press on the power button)...

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