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Zenbook 14 UX463FL Recovery fails..

Star I
System: Windows 10 Home 2004
Battery or AC: both
Model: UX463FL
Frequency of occurrence: ongoing
Reset OS: -
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:
Hey everyone.
I recently bought my first Zenbook and I love it, apart of the issue that I can't recover that.
It was shipped with Windows 10 1909 and I upgraded it to Windows 2004 via Windows Update. I've also made an BIOS update to the recent version, but now I want to make a factory reset of Windows.
By trying to Start the ASUS Factory Reset tool i get prompted that MyASUS couldn't be find on my WinRE.
It makes me wonder, because I've never touched any partitions on the NVMe.
Is it possible that Windows 2004 crashed my recovery partition?


Community Legend II
Have you ever installed your own OS? or it is still factory OS?
May I know more detail of the steps you proceeded?
Like after you click on Reset this PC> Get Started
then what were the options you chose and then lead to that"AsWin10Launcher"?
If you choose "advanced options", does it give you other choice to reset?
Thank you.