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When the windows update dilemma for Zenbook 13 ux333fn will resolve?

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Asus Znebook 13 ux333fn models have not been getting the update for the last 2 major windows updates due to what they say driver and firmware issues and its been going on for a long time now. I guess its time for Asus to either fix this issue once for ever or full refund whoever is effected by this silly joke like issue.
At first you said it will be fixed few weeks after the release of Windows 2004 update but it never happened and now the 20H2 update is out and we are still not getting the update. not even the 2004 version one. What is it a gigantic scam? you cant just sell a $1000 laptop and not support the updates after that.

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As what i mentioned in my original post both 2004 and 20H2 updates.

They did not exactly say what issue is that exactly but both Asus and Microsoft said its an issue with some version of inter chipsets.

here is the Microsoft reply:

"the issue specific to your device has not been addressed yet. With the next release 20H2 due in a couple weeks, you are not likely to see the issue preventing your update to addressed in the 2004 feature update."

but unlike what they said i didn't get the 20H2 update while my 6 years old laptop got it.

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download manully and install

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Both Asus and Microsoft advised to NOT to do what you mentioned since it will break the machine. That's why they put a safeguard to hold the updates for those whos their machine is not yet compatible.

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As i mentioned the reason above. Please read before reply.

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Hello sshatery,
So far as we have been informed, Windows is releasing both 20H1 and 20H2 by batch, and very slowly and carefully.
especially when there were so many issues after update, which model to release is a big concern, and we are not able to control that.
It is very likely that the 20H1 have not completed the releasing, then 20H2 is out, so we need to wait again.
This is not an issue, and not just happen with certain brand or model.
The laptop I'm using now does not get the update either.
Thank you.