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What is an ITN Number?

Star I

Ive recently purchased a Zenbook and want to take advantage of the 6months free Netflix.

On the form, one of the fields is "ASUS OLED Laptop ITN Number*"

I can find no reference to an ITN Number anywhere, is it another name for a serial number?

When clicking through to the How it Works page, all it says is :

  • Product ITN number – this can be found on X

Now I assume X was placeholder for something, and not Twitter??  Am I being dumb?




Since I am not in your location, may I ask if you could let me know how you came across this website?
Thank you.

I am in the UK and it was displayed on the products page at retailer, where I purchased the laptop.

After confirmation, please fill in the product serial number for the ITN number.
Regarding the UK-specific Netflix event, if you have more questions, it is recommended to directly provide feedback through the link provided to the local contact.
Thank you.

Rising Star II

X usually means the SN sticker.  It most likely is the SN, but you can ask to be sure:

Congrats on the new laptop!