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UX6404VI Canadian Non-touch edition USB Sound crackling and cutting off on battery?!

Star I

Hey Zen people!

I've had my ZenBook Pro 14 for 2 weeks now and I love it except that when plugging in a USB dongle DAC or USB APTX Bluetooth adapter I get constant crackling and sound dropouts when on battery power. I've  clean installed windows and reinstalled every single driver by hand, the problem persists; nothing changed. 

This only happens when I'm on battery. I've also checked with the app LatencyMon for audio latency issues and the laptop has drivers with very high DPC counts which can be a cause for these audio issues. Can anyone here attest to this, and or help with the issue. Should I write an email to ASUS maybe?


New Zenbook Pro 14 owner.



Could you please provide me with the current BIOS version, system version (operating system build number), and Bluetooth driver version of your laptop? Additionally, please provide the brand and model of the devices you are connecting, and share a video of the issue for further investigation. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks for the quick reply!

I would guess that the Bathys would be considered stand-alone USB-C headphones since they have their own integrated DAC in the earcups and I get the exact same behavior as with the dongle DAC.

I've included three pictures below: one with the THX Dongle, one with the Bathys directly connected and the last one with the Bluetooth adapter in the USB-A port on the left hand side of the laptop.

Thanks for your help

USB Audio 1.jpgUSB Audio 2.jpgUSB Audio 3.jpg

Will the same issue occur with the connection method and conditions you provided?

Yes. Same audio issues with all of these three methods when the laptop in on battery power. When I plug it in, the issue disappears.