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Boya mic not working correctly (crackling sound)

Star I


I have this really weird problem. I have this Boya microphone (By-BM3031) and it works perfectly on the desktop pc (Windows 10). Although my room isn't pretty good for recording, the sound of the mic is pretty good with OBS studio.

Now I am on a laptop (Windows 11, ZenBook UX535LI). I connected the same mic and did some tests with the Windows 11 sound recorder. Horrible! There is always this crackling sound, no matter what I do. Hard to describe, but it sounds like constant electricity buzzing. Even when I set the monitor off and just hit record.

I also have another mic but that one is wireless (transmitter and receiver) and the quality isn't as good as the Boya. I need to tell my Windows that it's a headset, not a mic. I tried this trick with the Boya too; no luck.

The webcam mic, which has a terrible quality, doesn't have the crackling sound. So I could assume it's the mic, but when I connect the mic to the desktop it works fine... I am so confused right now.

I checked all the settings and it should be okay (I guess not since it goes wrong).

Things I have done:

  • Updated the BIOS
    Downloaded the BIOS Update for Windows from the official BIOS page.
  • Reinstalled the audio driver via the device manager
  • Closed Skype (no idea why, but someone said it)
  • Disabled all other audio input devices
  • Played with the levels of the microphone

Anyone got any tips where to look? Thanks!



Could you please tell me which model of laptop you are using? 
Have you updated the BIOS and system to the latest?
It is also recommended to remove the audio driver and reinstall it.
Thank you.
 How to find Model Name 


I have updated my original post with the requested information. Model is a ZenBook UX535LI, yes I have updated to the latest BIOS (of 2021, not sure if you can call that latest...), and yes I have reinstalled the audio drivers.

It is recommended that you connect your device to other computers that are also Windows 11 for cross-check.
If it can be used normally on other computers, I would suggest you recovery the system of the laptop and check again in a clean OS.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

The laptop has just been reinstalled, so not going to do that again. The mic does work on another laptop with Windows 11 (Microsoft Surface).

I had a lot of other issues with this laptop (battery, RAM issues). All was solved with a warranty, but I no longer have a warranty.

Since these are the only options you can think of, I think the best solution is to sell the ZenBook laptop and buy a different brand.