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Touchpad Missing After Windows Update

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Zenbook UX535L, Win 11 Pro - 22H2.

The recent Windows update around end of March has  made my touchpad non-functional.  Cannot call it up in the F6 keypad nor find it in Windows.  Uninstalled the I2C driver as recommended and rebooted without success.  Added newest Precision Touchpad driver and ScreenXpert driver without success.  Tried updating all related drivers without success.  Try reverting back to latest backup version but there was none.

This has happened before and I went back to previous backup version and uninstalled the I2C driver and that work but can no longer do this as there is no more previous backup as noted above.

Really need help getting my touchpad working again.  Any assistance?  Thanks.


Star III

This problem usually arises due to corrupted or outdated drivers. Updating or reinstalling your touchpad drivers in Device Manager will fix this problem. Also, try to restart your PC and configure the BIOS settings.

Tried this and did not work.


Hi @YakFace11

please refer to the instructions in the following link for "Touchpad abnormal problems"

Please feel free to comment again if you continue to experience difficulties .Thank you:)

Tried that FAQ and did not work.