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UM5302LA 13.3 laptop

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Hello dear Friends,

I have the above named laptop, which is fast/stable and does what it is supposed to do. I was wondering if someone else has updated to the 302 bios. Do you still have no sound issues in linux. Windows is fine... Also have you seen any newer bioses out ?



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Hey man !

I've also seen your other issue about the sound and everything here :

I'm also on Fedora and i'm also encountering the same issue.
For the record for people reading this question, I think this bug I found on bugzilla can help, having the same sound chipset, but with another laptop from ASUS :
(The solution they end up with is to wait for ASUS to include patches to the BIOS, I guess you already read it).

To answer your question Lorien, I do have updated my laptop to BIOS 302, but no, it doesn't fix the sound issue.

(Out of the topic but about the touchpad-inserted numpad, not working natively on linux, here is a good github repo to make it work :
I've tweaked some parts of the code/service to make it work. If you need some help feel free to ask in private message.)


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Dear Friends

The solution is the following. Update to 302 bios and then REINSTALL FEDORA. You have sound after that. 

When you finish the fc39 install you may want to update the FC39 to the new amd firmware as well as kernels that exist on line. At this very point, tell the system to stop.  I am using fedora and I had to first tell it to upgrade the gnome and then told it to install the KDE*Plasma* group. Then I had sound. There are two different amd* packages out for fc39 and one kills the other. I think i told it to use allow erasing and find the best packages in dnf command.


Hey !

Tried reinstalling completely but since I’m using KDE it seems that drivers were not directly the good ones out of the box, with kernel 6.6.6.
Then everything "fell" in a working state when I updated to kernel 6.6.8, as pipewire received an update too.

Didn’t investigate much after that. It is working !