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UM5302LA bios and sound issues

Star II

Dear Friends

I got a new UM5302LA. It appears fast, nice and so on especially under Windows

In Fedora and besides OS specific though

1) No sound. Please update the ACPI parameters in BIOS to make sound work, someone....!!! The speakers appear in fedora as no hardware present, although one can control that portion of the sound-machine.

2) Wifi adapter in linux could not see channel 13?? (2.4G). Have not tried it in Windows yet

3) The official support page of asus does not work, not even to download the manual. Also, where are the instruction on how to change the SSD or memory? Can one put other memory or disk?

Thx guys...



Unfortunately, we have not tested the Linux system, so we cannot guarantee its stability and compatibility. 
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.

Dear Falcon,

Thank you for the reply. I think that the sound issue, and not just me but other users as well, has to do with a fact that the bios does not provide accurate data to the ACPI subsystem related to the speaker. Linux does finds the speakers and its volume control but does not activate it.

There are some fixes around the internet about writing data values directly using hda-verb

I would assume that the fix should be easy for people who have the source code.