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Screenpad stays blank

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Screenpad shows nothing
Model: UX434F
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No

I've just bought this laptop today and when i started it up and installed al the drivers i wanted to try out the screenpad. As said in the instructions for the screenpad, i hit the F6-key to switch to screenpad mode. The touchpad started to light up and windows acted like i connected another screen. But that was it! So when switching to screenpad mode the touchpad doesn't work anymore(as it should i guess) but it stays on a blank screen. I've tried installing different apps from the microsoft store (ScreenXpert, Screenpad Toolbar) but none of them fixes the issue. So i just have a light up little screen without anything on it when switching to screenpad mode. The pc works fine without it but since its a feature i would like it to work. Anyone has any idea on what to do? Feel free to ask for more info.

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ASUS have updated ScreenPad to Screenpad 2 and in the process broken for most (for the UK at least) the ability to use the screen pad correctly. You can following the extensive instructions to upgrade BIOS and the Screen Pad but in turn you will loose much of the functionality as the new AppDeals app required to install additional apps is not available in some territoties, like UK. ASUS themselves when contact keep giving the same information which is pointless rather than listening to people who have spent a lot of cash on their new laptops.

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I have the same Problem and wen I do window p and select duplicate it the key pad is still black but wen I select second screen only it will make my pc screen black

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Hello asdkj.sada1 &olimacnogard , Please specify which model you possess and kindly record a video of how you are switching mode and how the screenpad is reacting. Also, if you have screenpad 2.0 please refer to below SOP to reinstall drivers Also, it is fine if you switch to "second screen only" and the main screen turned off. Thank you.

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I face same problem same model UX434f

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Hello fifa,
May I know what had happened? any update or modification before this?
If you press WIN+D, does the screenpad icon come back?
Please refer to below link to reinstall drivers
[Notebook] How to fix the ScreenPad 2.0 problems when it is not working properly on my ASUS notebook...Thank you.