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zenbook pro duo never start after the setup

System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: zenbook never start
Model: zenbook pro duo
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No

never started after set up screen get black and windows never load. I press the power on button after 30 seconds it will torn off, it shows just black screen, the arrow was there for the first attempt and than just dissappear forever like the laptop is blocked. the only thing light up continously is the light at the bottom of the laptop that's it. I don't expect this from a 2.5k laptop. I want answer.

Zen Master I
I have suspect intel graphics driver might be corrupted. so boot the windows os into safemode, recheck the problem. if it looks good in safe mode means, the n uninstall intel graphics driver. let windows os updates itself graphics driver or try manual latest graphics driver

Community Legend II
Hello nicholasdoronzomj, May I know if this situation happened right after the first time you take out from the box? Was there any modification before this happened? Also, was the screen back light on ? Please kindly refer to below link for some first-step trouble shooting and try to enter BIOS to check your hard disk, turn off fast start up. Thank you.