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Screen flickering in standby

Star II
System: Windows 11
Battery or AC: both
Model: UM325S
Frequency of occurrence: permanent
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description:The (OLED) display starts flickering (light, horizontal lines for a second, changin position on the screen) after getting into standy mode (so when display is turned off). It is no fixed frequency, the lines appear on the screen (about 1 to 5 seconds between 2 lines, showing up). The newest updates and drivers are installed. When the screen is turned on, there is no flickering or any other problems with the screen.


Here is a video of the flickering screen in standby mode

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Confirmed by the relevant department, we would suggest you bring back your laptop to our service center.
The following is the contact information:
Also you can contact the local service center for help. The following is the contact information:
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

Rising Star II
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