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"Transcoded_000" file changes background to default (only on intern monitor)

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Windows 11 seemed to change the background of my internal monitor back to the standard ASUS background if the selected background only was a picture. This would happen in a range of instand to 5 minutes after changing it to the desired background. 

In "C:\Users\"USERNAME"\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes" the file "Trandcoded_000" apeared the same time as the background would change. my solution to this problem was not to delete this file (as some proces would just create a new one) but to make the file a read only file in the file properties. now I can enjoy my desired background again. 

Does anyone know where this proces comes from or why it even exists?



Could you please tell me which model of laptop you are using?
The file "Transcoded_000" you found in the "C:\Users\"USERNAME"\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Themes" directory is related to the Windows
Wallpaper Slideshow feature. Please confirm whether it is set to the slideshow function.
You could also try updating your graphics drivers, checking for Windows updates, or performing a clean boot to determine if any third-party software is causing the problem.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 
 How to find Model Name 
[Notebook/Desktop/AIO] How to use Windows Update in OS system and how to update BIOS through Windows... 

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Curently using the: Zenbook S 13 Flip OLED UP5302

The inconvience is rather small for what windows 11 has given to me so far, this was pretty easy to fix and a bit of luck. Performing a clean boot seems to be quite radical and already had to do that because of a far more abstract problem that i had with this system.

The slideshow option was disabled and the reverting back to the original wallpaper only happend if the background was one picture, not a slideshow.

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Found the source, it the MyASUS pixel shift function that keeps changing the background. Turning of this function inmediatly fixes the issue, but creates a higher risk for screen burn-in. is that worth my prefered background?

The location of the pixel shift is "C:\ProgramData\ASUS\AsusOLEDShifter"

Im looking for the middle road option; keeping pixel shift on, but with mij prefered theme's background.

This is useful...but unfortunately my UX5401 has an OLED screen which means that pixel shift is on by default and can't be turned off.

ASUS - surely there must be a way to prevent the desktop background automatically switching back to the default wallpaper all the time?