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Over Heating Slow performance ?

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Hi unlucky asus users like me I'm facing the problems 

As an ASUS user, I'm currently experiencing two issues with my devices. Firstly, my ASUS Zenbook is constantly overheating, leading to performance issues. I suspect that this may be due to network connection problems or my Wi-Fi network causing extra strain on the device. The overheating issue is becoming unbearable, and it's affecting my work. I have tried cleaning the fan and updating the drivers, but the issue persists. Are there any known fixes or workarounds to address this issue? Could it be related to network connection problems or my Wi-Fi network, and if so, how can I resolve these issues?

Secondly, I recently updated my ASUS phone's operating system, and since then, some apps are crashing or not working correctly. I am unsure if this issue is related to the IP address or network connection. I have tried clearing the cache, force stopping the apps, and restarting my phone, but the problem persists. I need these apps for work, so any help in resolving this issue would be much appreciated. Are there any specific steps that I can take to troubleshoot this issue? Is there any way to roll back the operating system update?

I am also having some trouble with my Wi-Fi network, as my phone and laptop seem to be unable to connect to the network at times. I have checked my router and confirmed that it is working correctly, so I'm not sure what the issue could be. Are there any known Wi-Fi network problems with ASUS devices? Are there any specific steps that I can take to troubleshoot this issue?

Thank you in advance for any guidance or advice that you can provide. I really rely on my ASUS devices for work, and these issues are causing a lot of frustration


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Community Manager
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