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Zenbook 14x I713700H w/o Graphics Card runs HOT with basic web browsing

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Purchased this for my daughter based on several really good video and article reviews. Not a single mention of this getting hot under normal/minimal loads. But as I'm setting this up for her no matter if its plugged in, not plugged in, using Chrome or Edge, the thing becomes like a heating pad on my thighs! I tried using it on a laptop pad and on a desk and the thing still is even very warm to the touch on top. The actual temperature ranges from 49-59, so it doesn't get that terribly hot internally (nor does the fan turn on..which I suppose make sense - regardless of any fan mode I use), but the heat out of the machine is unreal. I really want to like this laptop because of the performance/price, but this much heat basically using only one core or under very low stress is concerning.

Granted, I use a Macbook Pro as a creative and put huge amounts of stress on it, and the fan rarely comes on....And I'm fully aware of Intel chips and heat, but based on previous usage of Intel laptops, they typically wouldn't heat up until they were under fairly high level loads.

Is it the build construction of this laptop, the 13700H and this only having 1 fan, or what?



It is normal for a laptop to generate heat during operation.
Could you please provide the complete model name of the laptop you are using?

For information about the fan's operation and testing, I recommend referring to the following FAQ explanation.
[Notebook/Desktop/AIO] Troubleshooting - Computer Overheating and Fan issues
How to find Model Name
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused.