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fans starting to get loud suddenly after a few minutes of startup - UX5400ZB

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in the last 3 weeks, after a few minutes of starting my laptop, my fans starting to get really loud (like on high performance) and wont stop untill i shut down my laptop and turn on again (reset does not work - only shutdown and then turning on works), after this the fans are getting back to normal again.

this issue happens aprrox every 1 of 3 times after opening my laptop and while this issue happens my laptop is not working well, its very slow and it gets stuck every 30 seconds for a few seconds and every action takes time.

after i shutdown my laptop and start again everything works fine again. no noise and nothing get stuck for the whole time i use it (could be 10 hours and more)

i really belive its something in the recent software updates i have done from asus,microsoft,intel.

all drivers are up to date + bios.

need help with this issue.

thank you.



Could you please tell me the BIOS version and operating system build number you are currently using?
Please perform a fan test using MyASUS to check if the fan is functioning properly.
[Notebook] Troubleshooting - Overheating (Fan) issue of ASUS laptop 
If the fan test is successful but the issue persists, please provide a video of the problem for further investigation.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

of course.

bios version is 311 and windows 11 home 22h2 Build  22621.1848.

MyASUS check for fans is showing all is ok. did it a few times.

once i have the video of this issue i will upload it of course.

Please also help to keep a record of what actions were performed before the issue occurred, such as: playing a game, the name of the game, and how long it was being played for. Thank you.


i have uploaded 2 videos:

1. first videos- this time it was 25 minutes after startup and everything was fine until i opened the microsoft store app (to update apps) and a few seconds later the fans started to make big noise (like a rocket is launching to the sky) and the laptop started to act slow  **i also remembered that the other times it happens (with the fans) my microsot store app was open (cant remember if it happens right after i opend the app like this time).

2. second video is just to show how the laptop works after (slow and stuck).

after i shutdown the laptop and opend again (not opening the microsot store app) everything is fine, fans are normal (almost no sound like always) i think the microsot app is somehow related to it.

hope it helps you guys fixing this issue, i dont want my laptop to be ruined by this.

thank you.