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Help with system fan replacement

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HI everyone,


I need help, I am from Canada and I need to buy a fan for my Zenbook Model Q304U.  The fan is dying. I blew it out, full of dust worked for an hour and then started making horrible sounds.  The drive is a SSD.  So it the fan, any advice on what type of fan I have to buy from

See attached photo and this close up of the part number on the fan


Asus support was no help, they wanted me to send it in for repair.  I can't afford that.




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This is not, but it should bring you closer:
ASUS Q304UA 2-in-1 Fan (

So you need an KDB0705HB fan with the proper formfactor. I am not familiar with the exact structure of these but it is possible that you can change only the fan inside the cover. 


NO that does not help, I found a fan but they want 250 bucks.

Its doesn't say Q304U