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ScreenPad+ MaxView feature is not working anymore

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Hello! Does anyone can help me with a minor problem I have on my Asus Zenbook 14 duo.

At first, whenever I click and drag a certain window, it displays an option where you can MaxView your selected window and display it both on screen 1 and 2 of my laptop. However, as some system updates had occured, I cannot use it anymore. I am using a ZenBook duo 14 the "first version" not the elevated ScreenPad+ 



Hello, @Nyxtalgia .

Could you please provide the full model name of your Asus Zenbook 14 duo? (for example, UX8402ZA or UX8402ZE)

I am unsure about the "first version" you mentioned.
May I ask if you could provide the exact version number you currently have installed and a video of the problem for us to better understand your problem?

Does the MaxView is a third party application?
Have you tried to uninstall and reinstall to solve the problem?

Thank you.

UX481FL is the model.

I have tried installing/uninstalling it but to no avail

Hello, @Nyxtalgia .

Thank you for confirm the model name.
Could you also help determine the utility and the scenario as well?

Thnak you.

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Community Manager
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