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Do I need to download everything showing in MyAsus>LiveUpdate?

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Hello, I'm using Zenbook UM5401QA, I have checked on the MyAsus>Customer Support>Live Update>Latest> tab with the "show the latest updates available" checkbox unchecked.

It's listing many different BIOS updates, graphics updates and other things needing to be downloaded.  I have noticed that one of the downloads is showing an old version of software I obtained from the manufactures website (AMD Graphic Control Application)'s saying I should download that software, and does not list the software I'm currently using (AMD Adrenaline edition).  Should I uninstall adrenaline and install this, it shows that its an earlier edition of the software console and lacks other features available in adrenaline...

What about the other downloads, should I update everything?  I'm currently not experiencing any [problems with the laptop, but would like to be as up to date as possible...

I am using Driver Easy , and have updated all of my drivers, is Live Update showing different things other than drivers?

Thanks for the help in advance!



Hello, @MistaSmokalot 

Thank you for reaching out and sorry for the slow reply.

MyAsus will only provide the version that has been officially tested and released by Asus.
You may choose the version from MyASUS or the official AMD website, but generally speaking, the official version released by ASUS can ensure compatibility with your device.

Besides the firmware version, may I ask if there is any abnormality in your current use? For example, a broken display or freezing?
If you do have a display abnormality, could you please provide the AMD Graphic Control Panel application version and AMD Graphics Driver version in your current usage?

Thank you.

Community Manager
Community Manager
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