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Bios update cause bsod driver verifier dma violation

Hi, my asus laptop was having wifi problems so I came here found fixes to try none of them worked and now I have a bsod when I try to reset my laptop, bios version is the latest one and i got it from the myasus app my device s/n is M7N0CX1******** no...

zenbook pro 16 keyboard color change

Hi! I'm having a hard time finding if there is a way to customize or make any change on the keybord color of my zenbook pro 16x, I checked on the manual and also this forum, but nothing helpful was found... I tried installing Aura, but after the inst...

Jossu by Star I
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How to turn off the asus zenbook duo second screen

I notice when I click the display option of "showing only on 1", the second screen is still standing by, not completely turned off. How to I turn off the second screen completely to save the power?

nthac by Star I
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Let UX325EA use direct power instead of battery

I noticed when my laptop is charging, it does not reach full capacity of the battery. My laptop also turned Battery Health Charging at 80%, but it always charges up to 79% or 78%. Does my laptop only use battery power and could I let it use direct po...

RAM upgrade on UM433IQ

Does anyone know if the Zenbook 14 - UM433IQ (Ryzen 7 4700U, MX350 model) has upgradable RAM?

How to set numpad always on

Hi, can you help me with touchpad-numpad settings on my Zenbook 14X OLED? When I have numpad activeted, it dims after short time. Is there some settings to change said delay or set numpad to stay always active?Thanks,Zuzana

Beloved Zenbook UX325EA doesn't start anymore

This morning i've done some work on my Zenbook UX325EA - and put it on hibernate as usual.Come back this evening, wanted to upgrade the BIOS, press Power and it's dead, zero, no led lights, no orange light on AC, nothing - tried the 40 seconds reset,...

gabrio81 by Rising Star I
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Zenbook Battery

The battery on my Zenbook charges & holds a charge but as soon as I unplug the power cord it switches off.  Nothing happens when I try to start back up on battery untl I plig the power cord back in.My Asus states the battery is abnormal but states th...