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Power light

Hello, my Asus ZenBook 14 is only a year old. Yesterday I powered on and the light came on, the screen didn't load for some reason, after a few minutes it suddenly came on, now today the screen won't even come on again after countless hard resets. An...

Da3 by Star I
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Strix 3080ti fan died + clicking noise

I've had this card for two years. Over the weekend, I noticed a clicking sound coming from my computer, but wasn't able to do more than shut it down at the time.I just had a look at the thang ding, and one of the fans isn't running at all. I could re...

gazzo by Star I
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UM535QE Some keys not working intermittently

Some keys on my laptop (specifically the w, r, u, i, [, ],  2  and 5 on numpad, the back arrow key, volume up and down, brightness up and down, (F2, F3, F4, F5)) sometimes do not work. The weird part is that it is all or nothing. Either all of them d...

ux481 wont power on

Hi everybody,  I have a huge issue with my zenbook duo ux481fl . it crashed yesterday no bsod nothing just went blank and wouldn't power on. I tried hard reset (power key 40 second hold without ac plugged in)  nothing.  there is no charging light on....

Zenman by Star I
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Difference between UX7602VI Zenbook Pro(MY073X) and(MY034X)

Hi. I want to buy a zenbook pro 16 oled laptop, and I can't choose a modification. What is the difference between the UX7602VI Zenbook Pro 16X OLED (MY073X) and the UX7602VI Zenbook Pro 16X OLED (MY034X)? All the characteristics are the same, but the...

x-klaus by Star I
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Fan noise

System: Windows 11Battery or AC: n/aModel: Zenbook 14 UM3402YFrequency of occurrence: all the timeReset OS: neverScreenshot or video:========================Detailed description: After having my laptop for a while, it started producing a quiet coil w...

Matevok by Star I
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Dealer Cheated ? Warranty problem

Hi asus I just bought Asus Zenbook Duo 14 Oled on 26 January 2024 from Authorized Dealer in Indonesia. They said Brandnew and never unboxingThey gave me UX842EAR After i try to registered my product number . Its said my Zenbook already registered on ...

ZTanaka by Star I
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asus zenbook pro duo 15 ux582zm thunderbolt 3

I ask for help in finding a solution to the problem of connecting an external Samsung LS34A650UBIXCI monitor to an asus zenbook pro duo 15 ux582zm laptop. The essence of the problem is as follows: when connecting via thunderbolt, the image is not di...

Asus Laptop X555QA - Display goes off when AC power is removed

My older ASUS laptop X555QA , for a few years now, the display stays on when AC is plugged in. With battery only no display. Battery is fully charged and also with a new battery the no display problems persists. No difference with Windows 10 or 11. T...

WR61 by Star I
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Inability to register the product

Good evening, I cannot register my new Asus laptop that I bought for $1862 from Amazon. Can you help me with that? UX6404VI-DS96T (90NB0Z81-M003R0)