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Help. ASUS ZenBook Pro 17 Win 10 Speakers not working correctly

Recently installed Windows 10 on my brand new ZenBook Pro 17 (not a fan of Win 11), all drivers seem to work ok except for Realtek and Dolby  - the sound is only coming out the top speaker (near the hinge) while the rest of the fancy Harman Kardon se...

Dual screen

Can someone tell me how to turn on the dual screen on the Zenbook UX482 E

Roo1 by Star I
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Implementing Dynamic Refresh Rate on OLED displays via software?

I love both displays on my Pro Duo 14 (UX8402) but I believe that they drain the battery way too fast.Ideally Asus should work on a software that allow the OLED screen to adjust the refresh rate to 0 when is not needed and adapt it accordingly as in ...

liOS by Star II
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Hello... I am trying to instal Win 10 on my new Samsung 970 evo NVME m.2. *But my notebook doesnt boot win from this ssd. BUT when I am installing win from usb everything seem that will be ok because installator can recognise my ssd until first resta...

Roman11 by Star I
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Besides using the stylus to write or draw does it have any other functions? What do the buttons on the stylus do? For instance, could it send a signal to the lap top and move onto the next slide in a presentation?

I thought Asus was good

So, right now Im using this Asus Zenbook Duo UX482 or whatever, and after 3 months of use it just suddenly stopped working. I plugged the charger and started using it alongside my Desktop for working and after a few minutes the screen simply turned o...

aandrac by Star I
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Using Zenbook 14X Space Edition with closed lid

Hi!I have Zenbook 14X Space Edition with i7-12700H. When I am at home I want to use it with closed lid and connected to external 4K monitor. This processor produces quite a lot of heat - is it OK to use this laptop lid closed?

nampat by Star II
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Resolved! flip oled playing games

for some reason my zenbook flip 14 oled seems to be capable of playing most recent titles including dyling light 2 or red dead redemption without any lag. Many other relatively recent titles play ok on it. it has 16 gb of ram a 90 htz refresh rate an...