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ASUS ZenBook Pro Duo 15 UX582 / Crashing on battery after BIOS 305 upgrade

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Recently upgraded BIOS of my UX582 to 305. It came with Windows Update.

Although, the upgrade went smoothly and at first I didn't noticed any problem until I disconnected the power cord. Few seconds later it froze. Long story short, I reset BIOS, did a clean cloud recovery reinstalled everything, updated to latest drivers. As soon as the laptop switches to battery it freezes.

BIOS 301 didn't have any problems but EZ tool doesn't let me downgrade.

A workaround I found - is by disabling NVIDIA card before using it of battery. Tried DDU and older drivers, same thing.

Any suggestions?

Support says to send it for repair, but this laptop has already been into repair two times (in less than a year) and I just can't do that right now as I need it for work. But seriously, why can't they provide instructions on downgrade? Or maybe there is some beta bios?


That's good, thanks for answering.

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Just updated to a new BIOS 306 and the issue seems to be resolved.

Didn't do much of the testing yet but I was able to force the laptop into condition when it usually started to BSOD, this time it works as expected. I will report back if it manifests again, but I really hope that it won't.

Special thanks to @Falcon_ASUS for taking action and forwarding the issue to the devs! This was most helpful support interaction I had with ASUS.

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