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Asus Power Menu and Odd behaviour

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I own a zenbook duo 14 (Ux482 model) with i7 and Mx450. Currently running bios version 303, Windows 10.




Recently ( 3 weeks ago) i updated my bios and screenXpert as per the recommendation by MyAsus app. Since then i have had some MAJOR issues. However, the 3 most frequently disturbing ones are the following.

1- Sleep mode is VERY inconsistent. When i put the laptop to sleep either via the options menu or closing the lid. The PC sometimes does not go to sleep instead is just goes blank but runs in the backgrounds. So in many occasions, my fans will keep spinning or if i have a video (either youtube, or an offline video), that will keep running and the laptop audio will be on during this so called "sleep". As i said this is inconsistent, so sometimes it actually goes to sleep while other times it doesnt.


2- ScreenXpert becomes laggy and the menu options changes between the 3 defaults options and the option to turn off the second screen. Please have a look at the attached screenshot for reference. Again this is inconsistent.


3- Sometimes when the laptop actually goes to sleep, overnight it discharges more than 10-15% battery, which is not optimal... as it should not be doing anything. I tried to toggle modify the power menu, however after the update most options are no longer accessible ( see attached screenshot).


Here are some of the things i tried doing to troubleshoot this (in order)

1- I asked Chatgbt and went through its recommendations.

2- I check memory integrity using the build in windows memory diagnostics

3- I check my SSD for errors

4- I opened device manager and updated each option one by one (all were up to date)

5- I closed all applications and started a boot without any preloadings (as some apps might cause the laptop not to sleep). could not find anything significant.

6- I changed my laptop to S3 sleep state. It helped, however after the first sleep, the keyboard menus (brihgtness, screenXpert, volume..etc) become EXTREEEEMLY laggy. Only solution for these was a reboot. This is very dysfunctional as i use my laptop on the go.

7- I finally reinstalled my windows and went with a factory version. Nothing solved.


At this point i am just very disappointed. I dont know if asus update to disable the power menu options was for a good reason (like changing conflict between MyAsus preset and windows one), but this is just making the experience terrible. Oh and i tried windows 11 btw for 2 months, did not like the experience at all, especially in regards to battery life which becomes worse.



Hello, @MAKAO thank you for reaching out.

Could you please provide the full model name of the laptop? for example, UX482EG or UX482EA.
May I ask if you have tried going to [Power, Sleep, and Battery Settings] > [Change plan settings] > [Change advanced power settings] > [Sleep] > [Allow wake timers], select [Disable], and click [OK] to save the change to see if the problem can be solved?

Thank you.

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Hello @Jiaszzz_ASUS 


My Laptop modelnumber is UX482EGR.

If you have a look at the image i attached, you can see that i dont actually have these options. Since the recent ScreenXpert and BIOS updates, the menu options have changed significantly.



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Any luck ?

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Hello falcon,


Can i get your help on this?