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Battery Drain While Laptop It's Off

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I have an # Asus Vivobook S14 Oled  K3402ZA # , and i notice since i bought this laptop that when i turned off, on shut down at windows menu, and leave the battery at 100% and then after 8 hours that the laptop its off, it drains 5% of battery, the craziest thing its that after 12 hours also it drains 5%, in 24% it drains 10% so idk what its causing this problem, i tried a lot of things that i saw on post like reddit even here but nothing works, the only thing that i didnt try it, its a dual boot, because if its a windows 11 problem then with dual boot windows 11 cant run, because i have to choose wich SO run so, idk if you guys have solved this problem and if you did please let me know because its very frustating, i have 307 version of the BIOS but there its not like an option to enable ErP or disable the charging of thunderbolt 4 but i triedcharge my phone  when the laptop its off, but it didnt charge so i think its not a thunderbolt problem, also on system power report it shows something in yellow and red but idk if its something related to sleep mode, in the report it shows those color but in the top it says the info about sleep mode, i suppost that is related when i come back to my home after university and put the laptop on sleep mode and then when im at home i turn on the screen and then continues with my study but theres like no relations between this warning and battery drain while laptop its off issue and in the image below it shows when i turned off my lapotp at 43% and then after 12 hours it drains 5% and theres something UNKNOW[NONE] thing that it shows it drains 251mW so idk what its that, well i think thats all i have to explain my problem i home someone of you guys could help me, and in ASUS its reading and could help me, like real help because i send emails and they just send me a link to improve my battery life but that doesnt solve my problem and also they said that i have to carry my laptop to a support store but in my country theres just one and its far away from my home and they are gonna charge me for just see what is going on with my laptop and then i have to pay again for fix it, so thats not a real help because it suppost that my laptop its in warranty, but if you could help me with this problem then i dont have to pay for this issue, Please Help, THANKS



I have sent you a message, please check.
Thank you.

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Here are a few things that you need to check:

1. Your laptop remains in sleep mode and not shut done mode. In sleep mode, the background programs still continue to work.

2. Disable the Fast Startup process as it tends to drain the battery.

3. Check your battery condition with the store and replace it.

4. Update your battery drivers.