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Cursor not working fine for Asus Zenbook Pro 14

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I've Asus Zenbook Pro 14, and I loved to use it. However, unluckily its cursor not working smoothly nowadays. Although I have updated the cursor driver. Even though I've reinstalled the windows, and tested on new power plugs but facing the same annoying issue whenever I tried to work on my sites nerfweb, and even topfollowking.  After login these sites, the first laptop becomes very loaded, and after a few minutes, the cursor becomes hangs and auto-clicks start until I restart my laptop.




Hello, @John_sina and thank you for reaching out.

Could you please provide the full model name of the laptop? for example, UX480FD.
May I ask if there were any software or hardware changes you made before this exception occurred?

Since it is not possible to confirm what kind of abnormality your cursor is (such as being out of control or disappearing), please help provide a detailed description for confirmation or provide a related video.
Is your cursor only disabled on Topfollowking and your website? Or does it not work right after powering on?

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply, Can you please guide me to where I can check this full model on the laptop? No, I've not made any changes in the software or hardware. 

Usually, the cursor is only disabled as soon as I log in to any site. Yes after restarting, the cursor works well for almost one hour, and then after that facing the same annoying issue. 

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Community Manager
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