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vivobook pro 16 oled maximum external monitor resolution

Star I

I am wanting to connect my vivobook pro 16 to a 34" monitor at (3440 * 1440) at the highest refresh rate possible, something like a ASUS VG34VQL1B TUF Gaming VA UWQHD.
Haven't  found any documentation as to what my vivobook will support using with HDMI, USB-C or Thunderbolt 4?
Can someone help me on working out what modes are supported for external monitors.
My model is K6602HC



HDMI max resolution,frequency: 1920*1080,60Hz
USB Type-C support display max. resolution, frequency: 3840×2160, 60Hz
Thunderbolt display max. resolution,frequency: 3840*2160,60Hz
Thank you.

Thanks for the info, would you know if you can run 3440 * 1440 @ 144hz ...  or if i was to pair this with the "ASUS ProArt Display PA348CGV" would it run at the 120hz via USB-C ?

Unfortunately, as far as I understand it cannot be used in this way.

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