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"unknown usb device descriptor request failed" causing bluetooth to fail

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I have an Asus X571GT, and for the past couple of weeks, I've been having problems with my Bluetooth randomly shutting off. 
I've tried everything. Uninstalling it and reinstalling the Intel drivers, and sometimes the mouse wouldn't work upon a reboot, and sometimes it would...and when it did, it would last a couple hours to a couple days before the Bluetooth randomly disappeared again. Same thing with reinstalling the Asus drivers.
Everything is up to date. Nothing could fix it.

But then I remembered when this problem originally happened a month ago, in Device Manager under USB Controllers, was this "unknown usb device descriptor request failed" 
I restarted my research all over and realized that A LOT of people have this same problem, and that this "unknown usb device descriptor request failed" is what's causing the Bluetooth on most computers to randomly disappear.

I uninstalled this random USB device descriptor and upon a reboot, the mouse (so far) is working. 
Anybody knows what this "unknown usb device descriptor request failed" is, and more importantly, does anybody have more a a permeant fix? 


Yes, you can indeed consider removing these devices from the Device Manager and then restarting your laptop to allow the system to automatically install the drivers. Alternatively, you can download the drivers from our download site and update/install them manually. 

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I've uninstalled the following from device manager and restarted the computer...

Bluetooth> Bluetooth Driver

Universal Serial Bus Controller > USB Root Hub, USB Composite Device, Intel(R) USB 3.1. Host Controller

Restarted the computer after each uninstallation, and sometimes my Bluetooth/Mouse capability returns, sometimes it doesn't. And if it does return, it can work anywhere from 10min to a few hours or days before the bluetooth makes itself disappear again

As mentioned in my previous response, if the issue persists, I would suggest trying to restore the entire system to rule out whether it is caused by a system problem or software conflict. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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