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New 15" VivoBook OLED K3502Z Sleep mode and Wake event warnings

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I am getting Win32k event warnings each time the laptop enters Sleep mode either by the Power setting or manually, and on Wake after pressing a key. I tried different sleep and wake settings, even disabled sleep, but it seems to ignore all power settings, possibly controlled by BIOS. These warnings are harmless but annoying for a brand new top of the line business laptop.

This Win32K Power error is an old Windows10 relic that I have not seen in Windows11 with other brand laptops. The event warning ID is 700 on Sleep and 701 on Wake ((INPUT_SUPPRESS_REQUEST=1 or 0). I attach the details of the Sleep 700 event. Any suggestions welcome.


Thanks Falcon,

Note: when the laptop enters Sleep mode on its own (after a certain time idle, power plan) and I Wake by pressing a key, I don't get those Event 700-701 warning. Only when I induce Sleep by closing the lid or pressing the Power Button (those are the only 2 manual methods for sleep that I know of.


But closing the lid after the laptop entered sleep mode automatically and opening the lid will cause the 700=701 warnings again. So any action by the user with Sleep mode will cause warnings, but when the laptop enters sleep mode automatically no warnings even after pressing any key to Wake.

I have also forwarded your information to our technical team for confirmation.
If there is any update, we will reply to you immediately. 
Thank you.


A new development: On battery the laptop no longer goes to sleep, I checked Advanced Power Settings in ASUS custom Power Plan that I am using, and the screen is supposed to turn off after 10 minutes idle, it does not. That worked OK yesterday. I have now set the laptop Sleep mode and screen turn off to the same 10 minutes that was 20 minutes for the laptop and 10 minutes for the screen on battery.
Update 13:40 p.m.
That is working so Sleep and screen turn off time need to be the same.

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I am making some progress, managed to get the Power Button to work for Sleep mode without getting 700 and 701 warnings but I had to disable most of the ASUS services (see attached). all of the manual start services (originally Automatic Start and running) affect the Windows Power Manager. Probably nothing in MyAsus app will work now (Please restart the system message) but I can live with that, would be nice if Asus can release a fix for these 700-701 warnings. Note the Lid action (both Close and Open the lid) still triggers the warnings no matter what setting (Do noting or Sleep/Wake) after pressing the Power Button (Sleep). But after a Shutdown closing/opening the lid no issues. Another issue is the VSS error 13 that I got daily but now also no longer pops up, this error is SSD monitoring related by one of the Asus apps that I now have disabled.