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Connect External Monitor to Vivobook 15 ‎

I just bought Vivobbok 15 ‎F515JA-BQ2504W and I am wondering how would I connect the external monitor. It has both Type C port and HDMI port and I have a Dell monitor with Type C cable but it is not connecting to the laptop.How can I fix this issue.

Do you use the Dialpad often?

Hi There!I am looking into buying a Vivobook Pro 15 OLED but realized it doesn't have a dialpad which is a feature I admire. I am graphic designer and gamer, so to all the designers and gamers who have the dialpad do you use it often?

Vivobook S Flip 14

I found a Vivobook S Flip 14" laptop at Best Buy Canada (model# TN3402QA-BB51T), but this model isn't on Asus Canada's website. When I search the internet for "Asus Vivobook TN3402", I get hits on Asus' global website. This model appears to be the ne...

Computer Won’t Boot, Gets Stuck in BIOS loop

System: Windows 11Battery or AC: Model: S533FAFrequency of occurrence: Every time the computer is turned on Reset OS: Screenshot or video: ========================Detailed description:Every time I turn my computer on, I’m met with the Aptos Setup Uti...

0x80070002 install error

hi,I am trying to upgrade to the latest Windows 11 insider build but have the 0x80070002 error. Can't update to the latest build. I have a Vivobook laptop. Uninstalled the Asus hotkey app but no fix. Uninstalled MyAsus and deleted + rexycled the Asus...

Problem connecting to 5GHz band on router

System: Windows 11 Home 21H it says up to date)Battery or AC: BothModel: VivoBook OLED X1503ZA-L1197WFrequency of occurrence: AlwaysReset OS: No (just bought laptop today, windows preinstalled)Screenshot or video: It says "Unable to connect to this n...