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New 15" VivoBook OLED K3502Z Sleep mode and Wake event warnings

Star II

I am getting Win32k event warnings each time the laptop enters Sleep mode either by the Power setting or manually, and on Wake after pressing a key. I tried different sleep and wake settings, even disabled sleep, but it seems to ignore all power settings, possibly controlled by BIOS. These warnings are harmless but annoying for a brand new top of the line business laptop.

This Win32K Power error is an old Windows10 relic that I have not seen in Windows11 with other brand laptops. The event warning ID is 700 on Sleep and 701 on Wake ((INPUT_SUPPRESS_REQUEST=1 or 0). I attach the details of the Sleep 700 event. Any suggestions welcome.


It is not solved I had the channel Win32K event report disabled as I was getting tired of all the messages, nothing to do with Asus Power Plan, so I would appreciate it if Asus would investigate this problem:
My Asus version 3.1.20
Asus S.C. Interface
Windows11 Home 22H2, build: 22621.1928

I posted the Event details yesterday (see attachment above) and once again will post these event screens here (only 1 file is allowed on this forum, so I combined 2 screens) There is no video as Event viewer is static.


Hi Falcon,

You keep asking the same questions over and over again, I have provided the screen shots of Event Viewer with the 700-701 Power Manager warnings, and this started right from out of the box, I have not installed any 3rd party Sofware, just updated Windows11 and the same warnings happen in Safe Mode too. I am not going to reinstall Windows on a brand-new computer, if Asus cannot or not willing to investigate these 700/701 warnings, I will contact the Microsoft technical staff.


I have sent you a message, please check.
Please use the tool provided in the message to export the log file to a cloud storage space and provide me with the link. Then, I will forward it to our technical team for further confirmation.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

The WIM file link on OneDrive 

Hi Falcon,
Appreciate your efforts to escalate my sleep mode issue, The WIM file link is above.

Meanwhile the following observations:
AssusOptimization Service (Automatic start) and the Task in library Task Sheduler
Argument: CancelShutdown
When I stop this Service I don't get these 700-701 event warnings on Wake and Sleep mode but the keyboard backlight stays on (turns off when I close the lid) and MyAsus app won't work. My conclusion is that this AsusOptimization app contains bad Sleep Mode (S0) code that conflicts with Windows11 Power manager.

No sleep mode available in Safe Mode, the latop just enters in a Hybrid state, not completely shutdown but also no hibernate or sleep mode, no LED lights but Safe Mode returns when pressing the Power button. So I am unable to replicate the 700-701 event problem in Safe Mode, also AsusOptimization cannot start in Safe Mode.

I have forwarded the information to the relevant department.
We will keep you updated and your consideration will be very much appreciated.