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My laptop drivers on ASUS support are very much outdated. Please update them

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I just purchased a new laptop, the Asus Vivobook S14 Pro (S3402ZA) with OLED display.

My laptop came with pre-installed drivers and the BIOS version was more recent. However, after I went to the ASUS support website, I saw that all the drivers of this laptop is very much outdated. The last update was in 2022, and many months ago.

I even tried using LiveUpdate from the MyASUS app, and there also, the drivers are very outdated.

In fact, my BIOS was more recent. After I downloaded the BIOS version from MyASUS and installed it, now the laptop information shows that this BIOS is more back-dated than the one I had.

What's more, I downloaded Iris Xe latest drivers using the Intel tool. But Windows Update forced me to uninstall that driver and installed an outdated driver that was released in 2022.

I am now literally using outdated drivers from ASUS support website and MyASUS app. I also think that Windows Updates regarding drivers are also issued by ASUS, if I am not wrong. And they are outdated too. They forced me to use outdated drivers whereas I was originally having more recent drivers.

I request the ASUS support team to kindly update the drivers for this laptop (S3402ZA). My laptop shipped with more recent drivers, and now ASUS has forced me to install more outdated drivers. This is really not appreciated. Kindly keep your drivers' database updated, especially when this laptop model is still being sold on Flipkart.

I am looking forward to more recent driver updates from ASUS.


Rising Star I

Hi, I got a similar problem. However, I myself got it fixed by reading this guide:
Also, if you're looking for third-party drivers then try Advanced Driver Updater or Smart Driver Care. Both these drivers provide automatic driver updates solution.


That link contains things that I have already tried. And they don't help. MyASUS is installing outdated drivers, and ASUS support centre is also doing the same.

In fact, their whole driver repository is outdated. When I visit the driver download page for my laptop, I find that all drivers were released in 2022.

I am not comfortable using third-party driver download software. 2 of my previous laptops got bricked due to such third-party driver download apps. There is no guarantee that the drivers will be accurate and for my exact laptop model.

I expect ASUS support to take care of this and update their drivers for a laptop that is still in the market, and selling well.

The drivers offered on the ASUS website has multiple compatibility tests and verifications before release to ensuring the best experience for users. If there are no major problems, the driver update frequency will not be so frequent. Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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