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BlueTooth Mouse Issues

Star I
System: Windows 11
Battery or AC: both
Model: Vivobook pro 15 OLED (m3500qc) AMD model
Frequency of occurrence: 5-120 seconds
Reset OS: not working
Screenshot or video: can't supply
Detailed description:
I have Microsoft Designer mouse. i got it for about 2-3 years.
recently i bought new laptop and the mouse worked well on it.
how ever a week or two ago my mouse shut down when i use it. if it just sit while i am not on my computer it will stay on.
as soon as i start work on my laptop and use the mouse it will shut himself off after few seconds to two minutes of use.
I have checked on other Asus computer and the problem exist.
of course i changed batteries and clean what ever i could.
what is strange that it also work flawless when my son play GTA V. the problem happen just when i do stuff on the laptop like browsing or general stuff.
if someone got any idea please let me know.
I got bios updated to 308 ver. drivers all updated.

Rising Star II
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