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Battery is draining 10% when shutdown. Fixed.

Star II

K3502ZA: as the title suggests, overnight without the charger connected, my fully charged battery will show 90-91% charge in the morning. My BIOS date 08/09/2022 does not have APM and ErP options in Advanced settings that other ASUS laptops have so I cannot enable S5 in BIOS to stop power on USB when completely shut down. Also, my Intel Wi-Fi adapter 6E AX211 160 MHz does not have the Power Management option in the device Property tab anymore in Windows11 so I cannot disable power to that adapter when shutdown. 

Update 23 September: I tweaked the Power Management and, charger disconnected during the night, this morning the battery showed 99% charge so whatever problem I had before is fixed. I also checked all my USB ports and there is no charge when the laptop is shutdown. Everything is OK. Still would like to turn off power on sleep mode for the Wi-Fi adapter. 😉



Thank you for your information.