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Asus vivobook pro 16 OLED showing Crushed blacks in SDR in Discrete GPU mode

Star I

My asus vivobook pro 16 oled having severe black crush in discrete gpu mode and also at 120hz in hybrid mode.

No tweaks from changing color profiles to resetting pc and even bios didnt worked. 

Even though laptop had given for service and the mother board and display had been replaced in the process but still the issue persists.

IMG_20240527_224800.jpg⬆ The above image had black crush in first row squares at 120hz

IMG_20240527_224843.jpg⬆ The above image had visible first row squares in the pattern at 60hz.

  • Same goes with discrete gpu mode but at 120hz the black crush is a bit more aggressive. 

The link below is the representation of this balck crush in my laptop with pictures and many others who owned the same model depicting the same issue 




Could you please share the name of the testing software you are using?
I will forward it to the technical team for further verification.
Thank you.

No software is used in this, I set this square pattern image as "wallpaper" for testing black levels.

The above link had the description about the issue that I've posted and others who owned this exact same model depicting the same that their model also had this issue. 

I have forwarded your feedback to the technical department for verification.

I will get back to you with any updates.

Thank you.

The tech team would like to ask you the following questions:
1. Could you please provide the original file of your wallpaper for our review?
2. Do you usually use SDR? Is there any specific reason why colors appear clearer in very dark and very bright conditions?

Thank you.