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Asus vivobook pro 16 OLED showing Crushed blacks in SDR in Discrete GPU mode

Star I

My asus vivobook pro 16 oled having severe black crush in discrete gpu mode and also at 120hz in hybrid mode.

No tweaks from changing color profiles to resetting pc and even bios didnt worked. 

Even though laptop had given for service and the mother board and display had been replaced in the process but still the issue persists.

IMG_20240527_224800.jpg⬆ The above image had black crush in first row squares at 120hz

IMG_20240527_224843.jpg⬆ The above image had visible first row squares in the pattern at 60hz.

  • Same goes with discrete gpu mode but at 120hz the black crush is a bit more aggressive. 

The link below is the representation of this balck crush in my laptop with pictures and many others who owned the same model depicting the same issue 





Due to the subjective nature of visual perception, I am unable to clearly identify the differences in the images you provided. 
Could you please mark the areas you think have issues? Additionally, please provide the current BIOS version, system version (operating system build number) , and graphics card driver version you are using so that we can perform further checks. 
Thank you.


The above image had crushed blacks in first row squares. 


The above image had no sign of black crush in first row squares

This same happens in discrete gpu mode also but it would be far more worse than hybrid mode

Windows 11 version: 10.0.22631

Bios version: K6602VU. 310

SMBIOS Version: 3.5

(Discrete GPU 4050) Graphics Card driver version:

Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics driver version:

IMG_20240528_152819.jpgThe above image had black crush in first row squares at 120hz

IMG_20240528_152752.jpgThe above image had no Black Crush in first row squares at 60hz

This Balck Crush even happens with Discrete GPU mode and it's more worse in it. 

This black crush issue didn't resolve evn after replacing the motherboard and display.