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XT8 Internet connection when going via a switch

Star I

Hi All.

Im UK based and have just had talktalk fibre installed at home, which works perfectly.

If i connect the fibre access point direct via a lan cable to my XT8, I have internet - perfect.

I need to however connect the talk talk access point into a Netgear switch first, then connect the switch to my XT8. 

I assumed (foolishly), this would just work, but it doesn't.  Does anyone have any ideas on settings as to what could be stopping this working?  WIFI connection is fine and when logged in to the XT8's web control panel, it shows that the internet is connected, but when using a device that is connected, you dont get any internet 😞

  Anyone had a similar issue or have an easy fix?



Here we mainly discuss the issues/questions related to ASUS laptop.

For your Router questions, I suggest you contact our local call center to have further assistance.

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Sorry for any inconvenience it may be caused. 

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Community Manager
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