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Laptop Gpu Stuck at 210-310 mhz.

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İ Have a Asus TUF F15 FX506HM Laptop with Rtx3060 graphics.

İt has been a week since i buy the computer but i have a serious problem.

My gpu stucks at 210 mhz even in games ,so that results 5-20 fps in games which is terrible.

 I Clean installed the windows and setup drivers manually (from asus website ,latest ones for my computer) nothing has changed.

Clean installed the windows and let myasus,armourycrate and windows update to update the device. nothing has changed either.


Can anyone please help? 

İ searched the internet but no one had find and shared a clean solution on this topic.

Heres some pictures of the numbers




Hi !

Got my laptop back , 
İt's fine now. 

İ asked the guy that repaired it and he said its a software problem about VBIOS , bios of gpu card.
Theres a bad update which is not compitable with my gpu he said,he installed the right one (attached an image,keep in mind i have rtx3060 card.)

Ekran görüntüsü 2023-04-10 184453.png

İ asked about u, he said if the computer is in the non-service area like ur situation. he suggested calling asus , and ask for a vbios file for your device serial number or gpu number. they can send it to u via e mail or share a link. youre an english speaker so i guess u have to reach britain or usa service on telephone.

Thanks for the update. 

Falcon, you who work in Asus technical support, do you think you can get me a vbios for my rtx 3050 ti with the serial number of my laptop?

As far as I know, flashing VBIOS needs to be done in the repair center.
Is your laptop model the same as OP? 
Thank you.

my laptop model is TUF706HEB