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Boot to BIOS only

Star I

Hi, I have a Asus E410 with Windows 10 o.s. I am in a dire situation here that my computer will boot to BIOS only and no options available to start.  So no choice to select what media to boot. Not in fast boot. The system recognize the SSD but no Windows to start.This started suddenly with no warning. Prior to that, a day before, everything was working fine no issue. I hope someone knows what to do can let me know how to troubleshoot this issue. Help !!!


Star I

Ok, I just saved myself, on E410 (may not be the same on others), under Advanced select "Other OS" not "Windows UEFI mode". And then go to Exit and save changes then reboot. E410 will auto enable CSM and boot into Windows.

Great, it sounds like you found a solution to your issue.
Thank you for providing and sharing this information.