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Asus tuf F15 issues after reinstall

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Hi guys I have a f15 with a i7 12700h and rtx 4060 I reinstalled windows onto a new ssd but still kept my old one and formatted It. After my fresh install the brightness is not going up despite downloading all drivers using Asus software. Another issue I have is when I use hdmi to my 4k monitor it still displays the resolution as 1080p although I have the setting to only show on the monitor and not my laptop in a dual screen configuration If any one can help me with these issues I'd really appreciate it


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Brightness Issue:

Check Keyboard Shortcuts:
Use Fn + brightness keys to adjust brightness.

Update Graphics Drivers:
Download and install the latest RTX 4060 graphics drivers from the official Asus website.

Power Options:
Adjust power plan settings to ensure brightness isn't limited.

Check for and install any available BIOS/UEFI updates from Asus.

Display Settings:
Confirm brightness settings in Windows "Display" settings.

HDMI Resolution Issue:

Graphics Driver for HDMI:
Ensure RTX 4060 graphics driver is correctly installed and updated.

Windows Display Settings:
Set the correct resolution in Windows "Display settings."

Monitor Settings:
Check monitor settings for input resolution and display mode.

HDMI Cable and Port:
Use a high-quality HDMI cable and try a different HDMI port on the laptop.

Nvidia Control Panel:
In Nvidia Control Panel, verify the correct resolution for the external monitor.

Check Windows Updates:
Ensure the Windows operating system is up to date.

If issues persist, contact Asus support or visit their community forums for specific solutions related to your laptop model.


May I inquire about the complete model of the laptop you are using? 
Have you installed the correct drivers for the model?
How to find Model Name
Below is the installation sequence for the drivers. We recommend that you follow this order for driver installation after system installation.
[Notebook] The suggested sequence of installation drivers

Thank you.