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Armoury crate power option removes windows power option

Star I

So I just installed windows from usb drive and I had 1 power option (Balanced). So then I installed Armoury crate and then armoury crate started working but then I wanted to use turnbo option while going to windows power option to limit my cpu to 99% but then there were no windows power option it was showing (Windows power option not available) as if the turbo/performance/silent overrides  the original windows power options. Before it used to stay on the windows power option while changing through the 3 armoury crate option, how can I get that back? 



#asus #armourycrate #asustuf 



May I know the complete model of the product you are using? What is the installed operating system?
How to find Model Name
Have both the BIOS and the system been updated to the latest version?
Additionally, what is the installed version of the Armoury crate?
Thank you.