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Firmware: Signature Version: 2.376 2023/10/17 - Filling System Log with errors

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Router: RT-AC66U B1 (AC1750); Firmware Version: ;
On Tuesday, 2023/10/17, I noticed the entire System Log filled with the same repeating errors, all starting with error: "kernel: dcd/22609: potentially unexpected fatal signal 6." The only difference between the errors is the dcd number.

I checked the Administration menu, Firmware Upgrade tab, and found that the Firmware Signature Version had been updated to "2.376 2023/10/17 09:04" which was a couple of hours before I checked the logs.

After seeing that, I unplugged the Router for a few minutes and plugged it in again and let it boot up.

The errors went away for about an hour then came back. Subsequent (4) power off/on resulted in the same situation.

The errors do not seem to be affecting the router's performance, but the problem needs to be addressed by Asus. Attached is a snippet of the errors.


I had Signatureversion 2.372. But today I bought and installed a new non-Asusrouter.  Hopefully i will avoid a router going up and down.

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I have an RT-AC88U (unmodified and running ASUS firmware) and just noticed this happening too.  My log is filled with the same/similar output.  I clear the log and it just starts coming back. 

I also show my signature version as "2.376  Updated : 2023/10/17 03:08" and my router is currently on FW which I updated maybe a few weeks ago.  I have auto update set to off but it's clear Asus is able to push out ghost updates somehow which bugs me but apparently I can't turn that off and it leads to issues like this.  Not happy with logs filling up with the same error over and over and this one looks "bad" with a "potentially fatal" flag.

I also don't notice any issues as our internal home network seems to be providing proper speeds to all devices but that does not mean there's no actual problem.

I am also using an RT-AC3100 (basically same as the RT-AC88U) as a media bridge using the same firmware but that interface does not show a signature version.  I don't get this error in those logs.

Definitely would like a fix for this.


sorry for the inconvenience that may caused.

Based on your issue, did you see the error message "kernel: dcd/10234 potentially unexpected fatal signal 6" in the Feedback log? To help our backend team analyze the problem further, please provide the Feedback log, router model, current firmware version, and a screenshot of the error message in a private message to me. You can submit a feedback form through the Web GUI at

  1. Connect your device to your router and log in to the Web GUI (
  2. Find "Administration" and click on "Feedback."
  3. Fill in your region, email (required field), ASUS Service No./Case No. (not required), select the feedback problem and description. You can also provide additional comments or suggestions.
  4. Read and agree to the terms.
  5. Click "Send" to submit your feedback.

Afterward, send the product serial number, the time you submitted the issue report, the email used for the report, and the time the issue occurred to me in a private message. Thank you.

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It would be nice if someone from ASUS actually looked at this thread or the feedback I provided through the router, and gave some kind of response to it.
The problem still exists.

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I have the same issue;

RT-AC3100  Firmware Version:

kernel: dcd/10234 potentially unexpected fatal signal 6

CPU 0 and 1 : Tainted: P ( #1)

Occurred every 2 min and filling out log.

The signature 2.376 Updated : 2023/10/18 03:04.

Can we have an update status from ASUS for this issue ?