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Firmware: Signature Version: 2.376 2023/10/17 - Filling System Log with errors

Star III

Router: RT-AC66U B1 (AC1750); Firmware Version: ;
On Tuesday, 2023/10/17, I noticed the entire System Log filled with the same repeating errors, all starting with error: "kernel: dcd/22609: potentially unexpected fatal signal 6." The only difference between the errors is the dcd number.

I checked the Administration menu, Firmware Upgrade tab, and found that the Firmware Signature Version had been updated to "2.376 2023/10/17 09:04" which was a couple of hours before I checked the logs.

After seeing that, I unplugged the Router for a few minutes and plugged it in again and let it boot up.

The errors went away for about an hour then came back. Subsequent (4) power off/on resulted in the same situation.

The errors do not seem to be affecting the router's performance, but the problem needs to be addressed by Asus. Attached is a snippet of the errors.


Star II

Applied yesterday, problem now appears to be resolved!

Star I

I installed the firmware (beta and official FW are the same based on checksum) last week and confirm the issue has since been resolved.

Star III

I did also update the the latest official and don't see the repeating errors anymore.

I DO see an oddity though in that, when I reboot, the log still shows a lot of the old offending errors at the beginning right after the reboot.  It's been saved somewhere in the bowels of the OS and gets tossed in when it restarts.  All of it is dated November 24, 2023 when this seems to have started.

Anyone know how to completely clear the old offending error info so it doesn't get tossed into the log at every reboot?

I believe this issue is caused when the clock/date is out of sync, and during reboot the clock is set to original which is I guess manufacture date.  I suspect if you could rearrange the code to sync the date/time first then these errors may disappear altogether…