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ZenWiFi Mesh

Wrong board, I  know, but in desperation...I recently upgraded to full fibre (FTTP) and now have the Openreach OTC box on the inside wall of my dining room next to the router. Works fine with my standard Vodafone route (for reference, this is a THG30...

IPSec VPN log suspicious activity

My IPSec VPN System Log has a lot of activity. I was just setting it up today after registering the DDNS for the first time on this new router after releasing it from an old router. I did have this VPN selected on with all of the settings entered. Th...

KG49 by Star III
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ZenWiFi XD5 problems

I've got the RT-AC86U with 3 nodes (XD5 AX3000). A couple of weeks ago, everything was operating together alright. We started noticing issues with our network, slow speeds, dropped internet connection, and at times I was not able to even log into my ...

ttann by Star I
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Resolved! Connect AX6600 (XT8) to Draytek modem does not work

Hi all,Got one of these beautiful Draytek full feature Vigor 167 modems, that are standard in bridge mode and have ethernet connected to it, that brings me on internet (FTTN here).I want to connect my ASUS AX6600 (XT8) wireless routers to it, but the... DDNS in domain inactive

Does anyone know what is going on? I had to restart my router and after restarting it shows me DDNS status as inactive. When I check the status on it shows my current ip. My brother in an identical router next t...

Two houses, two ISPs, one network

Hi - I saw the answer to this question here it doesn't seem to answer the part about multiple internet connections.My parents l...

Mesh Wifi handoff

Have a Zen WiFi ET8 with 2 nodes (basement and living room, both wired) Added an RT-AC68U as a node today in bonus room, also wired. Installation could not have been more simple. Issue is this - app sees all 3 nodes. However, looking at the device ma...

AX89X - After Update - Bugs wifi 5ghz

Hello, I saw on the support site that there is a newer firmware (ASUS RT-AX89X Firmware version I performed an update and after restarting my router, I could no longer see or connect to the 5Ghz wifi on my different devices. In ad...

Funstaf by Star II
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