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Resolved! Asus ac68u rev E1

I don't know if Asus accepts codes from Asus Merlin or from where, but one thing I know is that after updating to the latest firmware for the AC68U, the firewall isn't working. I've tried resetting to factory settings and a hard reset without success...

Peggino by Star I
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5G Wifi stopped working

As the headline states 5G network has stopped working after a recent outage at my adress. If I go to the router settings on everything appears to be working. In the app on my phone nothing works.When I connect to the 5G network it cuts out after a co...

ASUS XT8 slow WiFi

Hey all,I have a Zen WiFi XT8 which I've had for a few years and overall happy with it. However, I am now on a 1.6GB service with EE and only pulling circa 500-600Mbps over WiFi. Any idea why this is? It's frustrating as I'm counting on WiFi for the ...

walshy by Star I
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I'm so confused - just bought a ZenWifi XD4S and cannot for the life of me even begin to work out how to install it

SW2 by Star I
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Pack of 3 XD5 cannot be added asnode in AImesh into pack of 3 of XD5

I have bought 2 packs of 3 XD5 for the whole house. I have setup 1 pack of 3 with no problems. When I tried to add another node(4th) from the 2nd pack of 3, it does not work. It can detect but cannot be added. I have tried the 5th and 6th but also fa...

RT-AX88U HDD support

Hello, I found this official table I asking to myself how is possible to find a max file size support of 8Gb when a 2160p movie, in the worst case, is never less than 25GbOk for the max partition support...

Resolved! Asus RT-AC66U B1 vpn

My local home network is connected to internet using Asus RT-AC66U B1. In local network, my Asus router have the IP= In my local home network I have one computer PC1 with IP a second location, I connect another computer...

Doru by Star II
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Wifi 6E not available on ZenWiFi Pro ET12

Good afternoon all.I just installed my new ZenWiFi Pro ET12, and no matter what I do, I can't get any of my 6E devices to connect 6E, everything is defaulting to just 6.Even the Cell Phones that are sitting next to me, no more than 10' from the main ...

ChuckInPhoenix_0-1702251351363.png ChuckInPhoenix_2-1702251464022.png

ZenWifi XD5 LAN port

i bought a pair of XD5 zenwifi router for my home.when i setup the main unit, i noticed that the LAN port is showing public IP adderss when i connecte my laptop.I have already connected WAN/LAN port to my telco ONT. Internet is working but LAN port s...

yeowkm by Star I
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