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Asus Mesh not internet on one node

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Good day All.

I'm running an ASUS Mesh Wifi with RT-AX59U and RT-AX56U routers connected via ethernet cable with the RT-AX59U being the main router which is connected to the fibre ONT and thus having the main internet connection. If roaming through my house, and my phone connects to the secondary (RT-AX56U) node, it has internet connection. If I however move closer to the main router (RT-AX59U), it connects to the router, but drops internet connection until I physically restart both routers. Can somebody please explain why this happens? It must be mentioned that all other devices which are stationery in specific positions, connect to the respective routers and also has internet connection. The  problem is thus only for mobile the device(s) moving between the nodes.


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I'm assuming they are set up as AiMesh router and node.  If true then first please verify whether their BIOS are up to date:

RT-AX59U latest is

RT-AX56U latest is

Sometimes routers need a hard reset, if for example the BIOS is updated and there is a peculiar issue such as you are experiencing.

Hi @Cobitechguy ,

based on your issue, may I ask have you make sure that there are no physical obstacles or interference sources affecting the signal quality?

May I ask if you try using wireless connection, whether the issue still occur?

Please make sure that both router firmware is at the latest version.

You can refer to the following link.

RT-AX59U|WiFi Routers|ASUS Global

RT-AX56U|WiFi Routers|ASUS Global

Thank you.

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Both routers has the latest firmware installed. I came to realise that the issue is with 5Ghz. I have activated Smart Connect with both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. I've tried using different SSID's as well as same SSID's for both bands. When my devices connect to the network through 5Ghz, I lose internet connection on those devices. When I however force connect to 2.4Ghz,everything is fine albeit slower. The issue is thus with 5Ghz. I also made sure that DNS is flushed etc. Please advise

Can you get/download a WiFi analyzer type app and verify that the problem node is actually sending out 5 GHz signal?  Sounds like a hardware failure at this point.