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My asus PCE-AC88 is not detecting 5G networks

the title explains the main problem btw im on windows 11 and i have tried changing network settings 


Rising Star II

Try checking Device Manager to see if there are any “!”.  Also you can try to uninstall the driver/PCE-AC88 and reinstall it.

i already have already tried all these in the past it shows up fine in device manager and i have uninstalled and re-installed multiple times and it still doesn't work


I looked the PCE-AC88 up and I’m afraid it is on the ASUS End Of Life (EOL) list.  This means ASUS no longer supports it’s function.  (It does still qualify for any remaining warranty you may have depending on when you purchased it).  ASUS recommends you replace it with a PCE-AX3000, more info here:

Hi @ilovebridges67 ,

based on your issue, for PCE-AC88 is support OS Win7/ 10.

You can refer the following driver and tools link.

PCE-AC88|Adapters|ASUS Global

It is recommended to purchase the latest version or other similar models.

[Wireless / Networking] How to check if a product is End-of-life (EOL)? | Official Support | ASUS Gl...

End-of-life product list (

Thank you.