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Router settings transfer

Star I

I am currently using RT-AC86U as my main router and RT-AX55 as my mesh node, I am planning to upgrade my main router by buying RT-AX1800HP. I would like to ask is it possible to transfer existing settings from RT-AC86U to RT-AX1800HP without reconfiguring the new device?


Rising Star II

I compared the specs for the RT-AX55 and RT-AX1800HP.  The RT-AX55 is quad core vs RT-AX1800HP’s dual core (4VPE, whatever that means I haven’t found out yet).  I would try to backup the RT-AC86U config, and upload it to the RT-AX55, and try to use that as your main router.

To answer your question directly I would say yes it is possible to transfer but there might be a few settings that may need to be changed, as you’re going from AC to AX, (WiFi 5 to WiFi 6).


Hi @kahwai1029 ,

based on your question, you can save the settings on your ASUS router as a setting file, and then use the upload function to reload the setting file if needed.

You can refer to the following FAQ:

[Wireless Router] How to upload the configuration files of ASUS wireless router? | Official Support ...

Thank you.