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PRIME B760M-A WIFI D4 Bios Bug

Star III


Bios PRIME B760M-A WIFI D4 BIOS 1402 and PRIME B760M-A WIFI D4 BIOS 1220 have a bug with ram memory.

I have DDR4 ram 3600mhz and when i enable XMP my ram speed stays at the lowest (2133mhz)

I need to go back to PRIME B760M-A WIFI D4 BIOS 1205 to be able to run 3600mhz.

I went to the computer store and they also tested it out and confirmed that the bios is bugged.

I hope it gets fixed because this ia very big bug


i5 12600K


Ram: Corsair Dominator DDR4 3600mhz



Hello, @ChristopherD1 and @Gunnarwish 

Thank you for providing the specification information and confirmation.
We will patiently await the images you provide, as well as screenshots of the results of memory downclocking under the OS (CPU-z and task manager).
If possible, please also provide a photo of the serial number on the exterior of the memory to verify the detailed specification and manufacturing batch.
This will assist us in further identifying the issue or consulting relevant personnel for information. 

Thank you.


I looked around for the pictures i've took when i mailed the computer store to tell them about the issue but i can't find them.

I ain't gonna install the bugged bios again to again go to the old bios for a screenshot. 

At this point there also is given a lot of information already and someone reported the same issue with a completely other computer rig.

The batch number i can't seem to find it without taking parts out i won't take parts out. 


Hello, @Gunnarwish 

Thank you for your update.
If you find that specific BIOS version provides better hardware compatibility and stability with your current settings, you may consider staying on that version without the need for a BIOS update.

Thank you.


I'm staying on this BIOS version atm but i do hope Asus will fix this bug if not it means i will never be able to update the bios. 

I bought a product from Asus so i also expect to receive support for the hardware that i bought specially since the product is still in it's warranty period. 

This also is a serious bug so Asus should look into it.

Hello, @Gunnarwish 

Typically, if there are no hardware changes or specific functionality required from a particular BIOS version, it may not be necessary to update the BIOS.
Since you have not been able to provide information regarding any concerns with BIOS version 1402, it would be challenging to further present it for verification by the relevant department.
May I inquire if you are considering a BIOS update based on hardware change requirements, or is there another reason for your consideration?

Thank you.